The ultimate guide to which DSLR camera to buy

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Today we are talking about how to select your DSLR camera. Nikon cameras can fall into four categories: entry level category consumer category prosumer category and professional category if you are watching this video I assume that you are interested in Entry Level cameras so if you decide to buy a new DSLR camera from Nikon you may be interested in one of these four cameras D3200 D3300 D5300 and D5500 now let’s explain the differences between these four cameras let’s start with highest ISO, I S 0 represents sensitivity t light, the higher the ISO number the better the image quality is when you are in low light situations there are two types of ISO in every camera there is genetic “NATIVE” ISO or standard ISO and the second type is artificial “EXPANDED” or high ISO in high ISO the camera will try to add more light using a software built in into the camera it’s like taking a picture and using photoshop program or any photo editor to add more light to the pictures so you can notice the difference between natural light source and adding more like using a photo editor that’s how hi I ISO is.

So basically you would like to keep attention to the genetic or to the standard ISO so the genetic ISO on D3200 is 6400. max ISO on D3300 is 12800. MAX ISO on D5300 is 12800 and the max ISO on D5500 genetic is 25,600 so D5500 wins here Regarding sharpness D5500 5300 3300 comes with no new low pass filter which means they will give you a sharp image very vivid and sharp image the lines are going to be sharp D3200 comes with something called low-pass filter which with soften your image overall but it will try to decreases that amount of distortion in your image so Nikon made some improvements on D3300 D5300 D5500 they will not need to use low-pass filter anymore on these cameras and you will get much sharper image because you don’t have low pass filter. the conclusion is the 3200 is the min. sharpness you will get out of the four cameras we are talking about today. the screen on these four cameras is nontouch screen except for D5500 so you have a touchscreen only on the D5500. the screen is inches on the 5500 you have inches on the 5300 and you have three inches on 3200 wifi in your camera is to let you control the camera from your phone your smartphone or tablet such as iPhone iPad Android phone Android tablet you can control your camera from your phone you can also transmit pictures wirelessly from your camera to your phone using wifi D5500, d5300 has built in wifi D3300, D3200 are wifi compatible so you can buy additional WiFi accessory called WU-1a it will cost about 60 bucks and you would be able to connect your camera to wifi using that adapter.

If you are interested in taking some sports and action shots D3200 will give you four frames per second versus 4 frames per second for the D5500, D5300, D3300 D3200 is the minimum for sports and action shots. the processor in the 3200 is EXPEED3 the processor in D5500 D5300 D3300 is EXPEED4, so obviously the processor in all these cameras is better than the process in D3200 because it’s faster and more advanced so when you take a picture D3200 is going to be the slowest camera to save that picture on your memory card compared to these other three models the conclusion is if you can afford D5500 it’s a very good camera for beginner if you cannot afford the 5500 go to that the 5300 if you cannot afford it 300 go to that the 3300 if you cannot afford the 3300 go to that D3200 and now you know what you will be losing when you downgrade from the 55 to 53 to 33 to 32. I hope this video was helpful and if you have any question just give me a comment down below and I’ll be able to reply back to you as soon as possible.

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