Canon EOS 5DS R Digital SLR with Low-Pass Filter

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Are you looking for a camera that lives up to the high expectations you have when it comes to picture quality? If so you may just love the Canon EOS 5DS R Digital SLR with Low-Pass Filter Effect Cancellation.


EOS 5DS R digital SLR borrows all the awesome features of its predecessor EOS 5DS and actually takes it a step beyond in terms of the sharpness and fine details for unique specialized situations. 

If you are fussy about that perfect high-resolution capture then the Low Pass Filter effect cancellation feature is what you need. The EOS 5DS R features a 50.6 Megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor. This allows for 8712 X 5813 pixel sized images that come in handy for full-scale commercial printing and many such other high-end requirements. The 50.6 Megapixel sensor combined with the dual DIGIC 6 image processors form the cornerstone of the performance that this camera delivers.

The finely detailed mode is a new picture style available with this camera. It essentially puts a lot of emphasis on the fine edges, patterns, and textures. 

One other feature worth mentioning is the amazing iSA or the intelligent Scene Analysis system with an independent RGB + IR light sensor. This helps in optimal tracking of the subject thereby delivering more value to the photographer. The EOS 5DS R camera has a 61-point high-density reticular AF system that provides sophisticated tracking performance. 

It is not uncommon to have blur images due to the camera shake occurring from the SLR’s mirror impact. This is prominent in case of very high-resolution sensors like the one in EOS 5DS R. To counter that there is a feature in EOS 5DS R called Mirror Vibration Control System. This system reduces the impact and thus eliminates the chance of blur images. 

Apart from all the high end features already mentioned this review would not be complete without the mention of the anti-flicker feature which ensure better accuracy in multiple real-life situations, built in intervalometer and bulb timer speciality controls for specific shooting requirements, 1.3x and 1.6x crop shooting facility, sophisticated features for creating some amazing movies and many more.

Nowadays mobility of your camera is pretty important to you as a busy photographer would always be moving. In such cases, shareability becomes a very important criterion for selecting that perfect camera. With USB 3.0 digital terminal you can easily send your images to PCs and printers, and it boasts of pretty good Wi-Fi compatibility as well.


The camera delivers great value for the price. The design is solid, sturdy and weather sealed. The ergonomic design makes it super easy and comfortable to use. It provides high-quality exposure metering in daylight. The silent shutter has been praised by many users. 


This is one of those cameras which have a disproportionately low level of users that are unhappy with the camera. While we did a thorough research, we could not come up with a true con that we could associate with the product based on customer reviews on Amazon.com


EOS D5S R is a great buy if you are passionate about the picture quality. You can get one for yourself from Amazon. Head over to Amazon now to check out the best price for an EOS 5DS R.

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